Where do they start? Why? Who is responsible for suppressing them?

With the summer surge of forest fires on the West Coast of the United States behind us, questions still arise. Who started them? Why? Who is responsible for putting them out? As of November 2, 2020, over 47,500 wildfires burned nearly 8.6 million acres in the U.S. this year.

Are “antifa arsonists” starting the fires? Are blue states at fault for not “raking forests”?

As it turns out, the majority of forests and timberland in the US are under federal ownership and control.

Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions and misconceptions.

A popular theme…

Trump is considered a flight risk by some in military intelligence. (Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Where is Trump going to hole up after January 20th?

As Trump’s departure date approaches, he will clearly be fuming and fretting. Maybe a temper tantrum or two. But his family and friends will remind him that he can now return to his lavish lifestyle, and they will try to focus his energy on all the new, powerful friends he has made around the globe.

Unfortunately, he’s also a suspected flight risk, due to his mounting debts, hundreds of civil and criminal lawsuits, and ongoing DOJ and FBI investigations into a range of crimes that include campaign fraud, tax fraud, tax evasion, accounting misbehavior, rape, and obstruction of justice.


Internet trolls connected to terrorists created a fake Antifa website and forwarded the URL to Biden’s site.

Trump supporters were quick to accuse Democrats of purchasing the Antifa URL, and aligning with the movement. (Thomas Patterson / Getty Images)

Does Antifa’s main URL actually link to Joe Biden’s website? Yes. Its called a “redirect” and it happens so fast you won’t even see it. Unfortunately, almost anyone can do it. Before linking to Biden’s website in August 2020, the group that owns the domain also linked to Kamala Harris’ website.

Individuals and businesses often use a redirect for legitimate purposes, such as when they are migrating to a new website or sending product orders to a third-party vendor. But sometimes, as in this case — it’s a malicious prank.

Biden is not the only target — IamaRussianSpy(dot)com currently links…

The #MAGA movement continues to alienate Moderates and Independents

In 2016, US presidential candidate Donald Trump won Wisconsin and Pennsylvania by less than1%.

He won Michigan by less than one-quarter of 1%.

Independents who swung for him at the last minute made that possible. Now, after four years of pissing on them, he won’t win those states again. He’s toast, and he put himself in the toaster oven with his outrageous lies and behavior.

Independents are now 41% of America’s voting force. According to Gallup,we are now a far larger voting bloc than either Republicans (26%) or Democrats (31%). And we’re not liking what we see. …

A shocking EPA decision, a sketchy trader, a clandestine meeting on Air Force One, and a cluster of hedge fund employees all point back to Trump

It seems like the kind of story that would add up to nothing more than an argument between tree huggers and those who turn trees into printed money. A remote Alaskan kerfuffle, at best, between fishermen and mineral rights.

But the shady story of how Trump forced the US Army Corps of Engineers and the EPA to shotgun approval for a mine that had previously been banned leads us back to an interesting group of people — a secret meeting on Air Force One with the governor of Alaska, an on-again/off-again hedge fund trader with strong ties to Trump, and…

Trump Jr. leveraged the presidency for profit, and took unsupervised private meetings with world leaders

Donald Trump Jr. loves to throw around baseless accusations that Hunter Biden (Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son) made a financial killing while on an official Air Force Two trip to China. Those accusations have been thoroughly debunked, but he continues to repeat them: in television interviews, on social media, and in his book Triggered.

Unfortunately for his father’s already struggling campaign, Junior’s constant harangue is causing others to take a closer look at his own sketchy 2018 trip to India, where he met privately with Prime Minister Narendra Modi behind closed doors and returned to the US with a stack…

How Junior Managed to Turn a Conspiracy Into Libel, and Expose His Own India Trip

The one charming, insightful section I found in this book is in Chapter 4: Class Warfare. It isn’t really about class warfare — it’s about Don Jr.’s experiences at boarding school, where the dean taught him to shoot on the school’s two gun ranges, and later took him hunting. Another teacher introduced him to fly-fishing.

For a total of three pages, we get a glimpse of the best of the young man he was then — fascinated with nature and the outdoors, passionate about conservation, in love with the wilderness. For a few pages, he’s humble, self-deprecating, and funny. In…

Delaney has dropped out, but his plan still makes sense

The 2020 presidential race is shaping up to be as much about celebrity as the 2016 election was. Flashy comments, outlandish promises, and plenty of mud-slinging. Add the heat and momentum of an impeachment trial, and the coming election year looks more like a blades-out finale of Iron Chef than a presidential race.

Lost in all the chaos is one quiet, moderate voice — that of Maryland representative John Delaney. Unfortunately, Delaney just dropped out of the Democrat presidential scramble. It’s a tragic loss for moderates, independents and conservatives.

But it doesn’t mean his plan is dead.

Trump refers to Xi as his “furry” friend and Vice Premier Liu He says the Space One trade deal will benefit our balls

Today US President Donald Trump and Chinese Vice Premier and chief trade negotiator Liu He signed a Phase One negotiation agreement that will hopefully smooth the path toward a new US-China trade deal. Trump took the stage for one hour and delivered a predictably off-script word salad.

But the real entertainment was in the closed captioning. Apparently a few things were lost in translation.

There is a disinformation campaign going around that a Pelosi worked for Burisma. It’s false.

Writer Patrick Howley has a sketchy history, and a track record of playing fast and loose with the truth.

The rumor was started by freelance writer Patrick Howley, who at the time was writing for his own start-up far-right website, Big League Politics and on National File, another little-known far-right conspiracy site.

First, it is Pelosi’s son Paul Jr., not her husband Paul, who is at the center of Howley’s claims. However, neither Pelosi has ever worked for Burisma.

In October 2019, Howley posted this on Twitter:

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